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Why a Cloud 9 Doodle?

Genetic Guarantee

Your new doodle puppy will come with a 2 year WRITTEN Guarantee against genetic diseases. Puppies also all come on strict Spay/Neuter contracts. We stand behind our puppies!

Puppy Care Package

Each puppy will come with a care package. This includes toys, favourite bones, food sample from home, blanket from home, puppy pads, and more!

Lifetime Support

We are ALWAYS here for our puppies and our puppy parents! Regardless of your needs,  we are always here for you. We also ALWAYS take our puppies back if needed.

Wellness Exams

All of our doodle puppies come with a thorough pre purchase exam from a certified veterinarian. They will receive one set of vaccinations and a high quality de-wormer during their visit. Our veterinarians carefully examine each puppy to ensure they are healthy and ready to go home


All of our puppies come to you with a microchip implant for easy identification and loss prevention. It is the first step to identify a pet when one is found.


Each doodle puppy comes with early training practices including crate training, house training, socialization, and are raised on methodologies such as badass breeders, puppy culture, and early neurological stimulation program.

Temperament Testing

Puppies are evaluated and placed based on Jeanette Forrey's "Badass Breeder" model. Before you select your puppy you will have a good idea of his or her personality and be able to make an informed decision.

Health Testing

Our breeding dogs are health tested! Please inquire for further information on genetic health testing results and what they mean! Through selective breeding, ethical breeders are able to greatly reduce the risk of genetic diseases in your pup!

Free Insurance

Our Doodle puppies come with 4 weeks FREE health insurance to protect your wallet against large vet bills caused by accidents or illness. Rest assured knowing TRUPANION has you covered.

Our Mission & Values

Our mission is not only to produce the very best dogs and family companions around, but also to provide continued care and support to our puppies and puppy parents throughout their lives! Whether you chose the Sheepadoodle, Aussiedoodle, or Bernedoodle Getting your doodle puppy is only the beginning! 


With experience of over 15 years breeding, training, and showing dogs, we are experts in the field, and know HOW to provide you with the BEST service and the VERY BEST puppies.

All of our dogs have proven to be of sound body and mind and are GREAT breeding dogs. Our dogs are PETS FIRST! We DO NOT over breed our dogs and we like to retire them early. Our dogs and puppies are raised in the house, around people, and it shows!

We always try to offer something you will not find elsewhere, and are constantly working to improve our breeding program. We are Alberta's experts in Ethically raised Doodles.

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Visitation Policy!

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We know each and everyone of our puppy families is very excited to meet your new doodle puppies and see where they have been born and raised!!


Over the years we have learned a great deal about raising puppies. Some have been very positive learning opportunities, however unfortunately others have been less so. 


We used to have a very open door policy about our visitors as we LOVE showing off our puppies. 

Unfortunately in the Summer of 2017 we had to change this policy as our dogs contracted a communicable virus which rendered them extremely ill and as a result we lost two beautiful puppies. 


Unfortunately Parvovirus is a very real threat and is extremely contagious. After doing a lot of research and consultations with our veterinarians, part of the plan for preventing this in the future was to no longer allow any visitors. We understand, however, that our puppy parents feel it is extremely important to see where their puppies have been raised. To compromise, we have decided to let people come on pick up only and with special precautions taken. This not only protects us as breeders but it is for the health, safety, and wellbeing of YOUR future puppy. 


We try to make up for this by taking photos and videos of the puppies often, and we are always here to answer any questions you may have. Also, we do have many references available including veterinary references. If you would like to meet us in person prior to placing a deposit, we ask that you come when we do not have a litter on the ground or that we go for coffee if we do have a litter. We do our best to work with you, but the most important thing to us is that the health and safety of the dogs come first. 

How should I prepare on pick up day?


We ask that for 72 hours before pick up, that you do not visit anywhere any unvaccinated dogs may have been. This includes dog kennels, doggy day cares, dog parks, other breeders, pet stores, veterinary offices etc. 


Please do NOT bring any dogs with you to pick up the puppy. 


Please wash your hands


Once you arrive we may spray your feet with a Virkon solution. 


What is canine parvovirus? 



What do we do to keep your puppy safe and healthy? 


Our above visitor policy of course!


We clean with Virkon as well as bleach daily. Although most of you know what bleach is, many may not know what Virkon is. Here is some information for you! 



To help prevent Canine parvovirus we have also taken extra precautions. We do vaccinate early and generally vaccinations are given starting at 5 weeks every two-three weeks until puppies go to their new homes. Many vets have not learned this in school, thus will disagree with this protocol. Please read the link below https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S037811351000516X?via%3Dihub


Parvovirus is not the only potential risk to your pet but is the most prevalent in Alberta. Our main goal is to keep your Alberta raised doodle puppy healthy! Please consult with your veterinarian when taking your puppy home about proper preventative measures to keep your puppy safe and healthy once in his/her new home! 

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