About Us!

Dogs have always been an important part of our lives, from training & Grooming to Showing and Competing, we have always been "over achievers" when it comes to dogs. It was no surprise that when we decided to start breeding doodles, we wanted to bring forth something truly new and unique to the world of dogs. A dog that is not only bred for looks, but also for personality, health, and work ability. Our doodles are carefully selected and display the best attributes of their breeds based not only on conformation, but temperament and health as well! We always try to offer something you will not find elsewhere, and are constantly working to improve our breeding program. 

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  It takes a lot of time, commitment and money to raise such QUALITY dogs, and that is before they even have a litter. The cost associated with having dogs and a quality breeding program reflects the cost of our puppies. Our puppies are not cheap, please refer to the Pricing page for information on pricing. To learn more about our wonderful designer breeds, we encourage you to check out our "Our Dogs" page. 

Professional Background

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Rally Novice, Advanced, Excellent titles. Multiple winnings and many PERFECT scores!
alberta doodle breeder
Accredited Positive reinforcement Dog Trainer. Owner/ Head dog trainer at Puptacular.
responsible sheepadoodle breeder
10 Years Grooming Experience including Grooming show dogs and Modern Grooming.
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Trained in K9 Search and Rescue, Agility, Dock Diving, and more!
12 Years breeding Experience, Mentored by a breeder with over 25 years of breeding experience.
responsible doodle breeder
Certified Several Therapy Dogs, Many Canine Good Neighbour Certificates.
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We strongly believe that what truly makes us stand out is our vast experience in many different fields in the canine world. Having learned from some of the best trainers, groomers, and breeders in Canada, we are EXPERTS in our field and know how to selectively chose dogs to produce OUTSTANDING puppies. Our puppies are purposely bred for health, temperament and are absolutely STUNNING! Between the ages of 16-24, Nina apprenticed with a CPDT-KA positive reinforcement Shelley Hunter in Moncton, New-Brunswick, as well as learned from agility experts in Calgary, Alberta. She was certified as a dog trainer in 2012 and went on to work as a dog trainer at PetSmart in Calgary. She then went on to open her own Training business in 2014 called Puptacular K9. Nina also apprenticed with several show groomers and breeders where she learned about conformation, structure, movement and was introduced to competitive obedience. Nina put several titles on dogs and earned very high scores (including some perfect scores) in her respected classes. She learned to groom dogs and has continued her education by attending grooming seminars and competitions. Cloud 9 Doodles officially opened in 2012 and in 2017 Nina decided to dedicate her life to bringing happiness to families by breeding the ultimate family dogs. Between 2015-2017 Nina was team representative for the K9 Search and Rescue Calgary East division of CASDDA until they closed the Calgary divisions. She has been and continues to be involved in the K9 community and is a strong advocate for responsible crossbreeding among Canada and the United States. You can rest assured that your new puppy has been raised ethically and with an enormous amount of passion and dedication.