Nova x Riot litter.jpg
Nova x Riot litter.jpg

Nova x Riot Cosmic litter

DOB: May 24th 2021. 

Expected Adult weight: 60-70lbs

Coat Type: Non-Shedding, Traditional

# of pups in litter: 8

Currently Available: 2 (Cosmo & Solstice)

Evaluation assessments available?: Yes

price: $3800


DOB: May 24th 2021. 

Expected Adult weight: 65-70lbs

Evaluation assessments available?: Yes, please contact for results.

Potential Service Dog Candidate: Yes

Vet Check: healthy, vaccinated and dewormed.


DOB: May 24th 2021. 

Expected Adult weight: 60lbs

Evaluation assessments available?: Yes, please contact for results.

Potential Service Dog Candidate: Yes

Vet Check: Healthy, vaccinated and dewormed.

How to Adopt!

Waitlist Fees and Deposits.

Due to the high number of inquiries, we have decided to implement a $300 Waitlist Reservation fee. This fee is non refundable but is transferable and it does go towards the final purchase price of your puppy. This fee allows us to know exactly who is truly serious and committed to not only to our dogs, but to us as Breeders. In order to be considered for the waitlist, the first step is to be pre-approved for a puppy. This means filling out our questionnaire. Once we have chatted a bit and you have been approved, the next step is to pay the $300 waitlist fee when the waitlist opens up. The waitlist is good for ANY of our litters of your selected breed(s), but you can only be on one waitlist at a time (unless you plan on purchasing two puppies, which we rarely allow).  Our waitlists are currently CLOSED until we announce confirmed pregnancies on our Facebook page, at which point we will post the link to the questionnaire. This means there is potential availability for 2021 puppies!

Puppy Selection Process

Once on our official waitlist, Cloud 9 Doodles will update you when the litter is born. When a litter is born, we announce it on our Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/cloud9doodles/). If you like the whole litter, you may choose to put a $500 non refundable deposit on the litter. PUPPIES ARE NO LONGER CHOSEN AT BIRTH. Selection will happen in order of the names on the waitlist AFTER temperament tests at 7 WEEKS. Breeder may offer advice on which pups they feel would be best suited, but at the end of the day, the decision is yours. While the waitlist fee is transferable, the litter deposit in NOT unless there are valid, extenuating circumstances. If you are selecting a puppy which is ready to go, an $800 deposit is due before pick up and the remaining balance is to be paid before the puppy leaves the breeder's possession.

While we do our best to send weekly photos, please be aware that caring for the puppies is our first priority and photos are extremely time consuming an that we may not always get the photoshoots done on time.  We also post pictures and videos on Facebook and Instagram quite regularly so give us a like and a follow to see lots of cute puppies and updates on our dogs.

Our puppies are now ALL priced at $3800 regardless of breed, colour, generation, or gender. Our Minis and Micros will be priced at $4500


If you were not on the waitlist previously, then the deposit to secure a puppy in the litter will be $800 and is non transferable or refundable. 

Pick up 

Puppies are to be picked up at 8 weeks old. We ask that you plan your time to be available around pick up day. If you require us to hold your puppy for longer, we charge $35 per day past their 9 week birthday. Puppies are a lot of work and require continued training, socializing, desensitization etc. As they get older they require more intensive training/socialization.

We kindly ask that in the 72 hours before your scheduled pick up appointment, you do not visit any dog parks, veterinary offices, kennels, rescues, other breeders, dog grooming/training facilities etc. This is to reduce the risk of disease transmission to our other vulnerable puppies who may not yet have received vaccinations, and for our safety. When you do come, you are welcome to bring your family along, but please DO NOT BRING YOUR PETS! This is again due to the potential risk for disease transmission. The remaining balance for your puppy is due BEFORE you leave with your puppy. Please note that we accept CASH or E-TRANSFER ONLY!


Remember, your puppy must see a vet within 72 hours of coming home. It is usually best to schedule this as far in advance as possible. 


We ship puppies all across North America. Although we no longer ship cargo, there are many other options for transporting puppies. Depending on location, we ourselves occasionally deliver for a fee. There is also the option for you to drive/fly down and bring the puppy back with you in a vehicle or in the cabin. There are also pet transportation companies that have "flight nannies" as well as ground transporters. Finding transportation is the responsibility of the buyer and any transportation is at the expense of the buyer.