Guardian Families 



In a Guardian Family arrangement, selected

families take possession

 of an intact breeding prospect 

that will become an active part of our breeding program. 

Guardian Families must live within 500kms distance of Calgary

and be prepared to work closely with Cloud 9 Doodles.


Guardian homes are how we keep our breeding program kennel free and help us make sure that all of our breeding dogs live full lives where they get to live as part of a family like any other dog. It is important to us here at Cloud 9 Doodles that our guardian homes can offer the very best quality of care to our dogs, and as such we are VERY selective on who qualifies for this Program. Our puppies go on to heal hearts, change lives, and make a real difference for people, whether it be as a service dog or a simple companion, we never underestimate the power of a dog. our guardian families play an important role in helping us produce some of the best doodles around for amazing families! Once we have retired the dog, ownership is transferred to you at no cost!


 For the first year and a bit, your job will be to raise a happy, healthy, well adjusted dog that will be a good representative of Cloud 9 Doodles. This requires you to provide a loving home for the dog and commit to providing high quality Veterinary care, feeding the dog a high quality diet, training the dog in basic commands, providing sufficient exercise, and making the dog available to us for health testing and other purposes.

When the dog is old enough to be bred an has passed all her health testing, they will be used for breeding in our program.


Female dogs produce up to 5 litters, this is at the breeders discretion. Generally our females are bred 4 times and are finished breeding before they are 5. When the female goes into heat, it is your responsibility as the guardian to inform us on the FIRST day of her heat cycle. If your female is due to be bred, we ask that she be returned between days 7-9 for breeding. They will remain with us until they no longer accept the male, generally this is about a week. Once the breeding has taken place, we ask you to bring the female to us or directly to your veterinarian for any pregnancy related appointments (ultrasound, radiographs). Once the female is confirmed pregnant, we will make arrangements for her to be dropped off on day 50 so she has time to adjust to being here before puppies arrive. The dog will remain with us until her litter is weaned in 6-8 weeks. 


Male dogs produce an unlimited amount of litters up until their 7th birthday. We will give you one weeks notice before using the dog. Males will come to us for about one week while the female is standing, and will return home once the female is no longer accepting him. Our males are generally bred about 6-8 times per year, but some years may be more or less depending on the breeders need. 

We realize the guardian program requires a big commitment on the part of the guardian family, and as such we offer this dog for you at no cost upon the retirement of the dog. Once the dog is finished breeding, we will pay for the spay/neuter of the dog and transfer all rights of ownership to you, the guardian. 





If the dog is female, we ask that she be kept in a traditional doodle or breed appropriate clip (not shaved) until she has her first litter. Once she has had her first litter, you may clip her however you like. If the dog is a male, we ask that he be kept in a breed appropriate clip for the first 2 years of his life. We ask that these dogs be professionally groomed every 6-8 weeks and that the coat be kept free of mats. If you are getting an adult dog, and are concerned about keeping the dog in coat, we may discuss grooming further on an individual basis.


It is important that all of our Cloud 9 Doodle breeding dogs be well adjusted members of society. We ask that you continue basic obedience, crate training, house training and socialization. We also ask that all of our guardian homes take a training class with the dog/puppy within 6 months of  receiving the dog. This can be an online course or in person. If online we would just ask that you provide extra socialization to the dog.

Pet insurance: 

Vet bills are costly and not everyone will have the money to afford a large vet bill all at once any given time. We care deeply about the health and safety of our dogs, and we ask that guardian homes provide pet insurance for their guardian dogs for the duration of the contract.

Intact dogs:

We ask that our guardian homes keep their guardian dog away from other intact dogs. This includes dog parks. Under no circumstance is this dog to be bred by anyone other then the breeder. 

Veterinary care:

All Cloud 9 Doodle breeding dogs will come to you up to date on veterinary care. We ask that you continue this care and keep all routine maintenance up to date. This includes vaccinations, deworming, flea/tick/heartworm preventative, dental etc. A healthy dog is a happy dog!


General Care:

We ask that the guardian family keeps the dog in good physical and emotional condition. This includes providing indoor housing, quality food, love, affection and care to the dog.

Financial obligations:

Our guardian families are responsible for all financial costs in regards to the care of the dog. Cloud 9 Doodles is responsible for any fees directly related to the breeding of the dog. 


We like to be clear, guardianship homes do not legally own the dog until the dog is finished producing puppies and has been spayed/neutered. You are a guardian home and the dog and puppies legally belong to Cloud 9 until we transfer ownership to you. Once the dogs are done producing, they are spayed/neutered and at that time the guardian becomes the legal owner of the dog free of charge.


The adoption fee for the Guardian Family is waived in recognition of the fact that this is a co-ownership and requires a significant commitment on your part to share the dog with us for several years. 


A contract is prepared that clearly outlines each party's responsibilities and commitments. 


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