Guardian Families 



In a Guardian Family arrangement, selected

families take possession

 of an intact breeding prospect 

that will become an active part of our breeding program. 

Guardian Families must live within a reasonable distance of Cloud 9

and be prepared to work closely with us.


 For the first few years it is a co-ownership of the dog - you are the emotional owner and we are the legal owner. This requires you to provide a loving home for the dog and commit to providing high quality Veterinary care, feeding the dog a high quality diet, training the dog in basic commands, providing sufficient exercise, and making the dog available to us for health testing and breeding purposes.  


For female dogs, we would breed her up to four times between the ages of 16 months and four years.   Families are responsible to keep us informed whenever she goes into heat.  When we decide to breed her, we may need to keep her for four to six days for breeding purposes, providing she comes to us at the right time in her cycle.  She would come to us again about one week before the puppies are due and stay with us until they are weaned at around eight weeks of age, at which point she would be returned to you and we would place the puppies into their new homes.  We would let you know well in advance what our breeding plans are for the prospective Mommas. Our females are bred up to 4 times and no older then the age of 5. Once she is finished having puppies, we will have her spayed at our expense and legal ownership will be transferred to you.

Once a female dog has had her final litter, the co-ownerships ends:  the dog will be spayed and become your forever family pet.

For male dog, the dog must be kept intact, away from other females in heat, and must be available to us short notice when we need them for breeding. Males stay in our breeding program until their 7th birthday at which point they are neutered and become your family pet. Males are NOT to be bred to any other females then what the breeder has approved.

Under this kind of arrangement, expenses related to day to day care of the dog are the responsibility of the guardian (food, annual vaccines, general health care, toys, etc).  Any expenses related to health testing for breeding purposes, breeding, whelping, and care of the puppies are the breeder's responsibility. 


This guardianship program allows for every dog in our breeding program to live happy, normal lives with a real family. It also allows us to spend more time rearing and working with our litters and the breeding dogs in our care.  


We like to be clear, guardianship homes do not legally own the dog until the dog is finished producing puppies. You are a foster home until then. The dog and puppies legally belong to Cloud 9 until that point. Once the dogs are done producing, they are spayed/neutered and at that time the guardian becomes the legal owner of the dog free of charge.


The adoption fee for the Guardian Family is waived in recognition of the fact that this is a co-ownership and requires a significant commitment on your part to share the dog with us for several years. 


A contract is prepared that clearly outlines each party's responsibilities and commitments. 


Please  CONTACT  US  if you would like to inquire on our Dogs looking for Guardian Families, we often have a dog looking for a guardian family.

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