Our Dogs

All our dogs are pets first!

Whether they are in guardian homes or live on site with us! They live in a house and all get individual attention, training and regular grooming, vet care, playtime, exercise and love. They are very much part of the family and all enjoy their respective "jobs". We strongly feel that all dogs need some kind of job to do to be happy. Whether it be Search and Rescue, Protection, Agility, Obedience, Rally, Therapy dog, Conformation showing, hunting or even fun games such as retrieving. Dogs need "something" to do. We want and in fact insist on our dogs to thrive and we will provide them with whatever it is that they need to do just that.

Our dogs are fed only the highest quality of food. We feed a combination of Raw and Kibble. We feed only the best brands of food! Our dogs are NEVER over bred and are ALWAYS pets first. All of our dogs enjoy being moms. If they do not, they are spayed. The health and well-being of our dogs always comes first!

The Girls

Cloud 9's Princess Sophia (Sophie)


Sophie is one of our two BEAUTIFUL Old English Sheepdogs. Sophie is a very happy go lucky girl with a true zest for life. She absolutely loves being outside and having fun, while still being very happy to snuggle while we watch a movie. If the poodle is the clown of the Dog world, then the OES is the jester. Sophie is absolutely no exception, and not a day goes by that this girl doesn't come up with a new way to entertain me and make me laugh. She is the perfect balance of calm indoors and active outdoors. She is very well behaved and well mannered. She is naturally AMAZING with children, even though she does not live with any of her own. She is extremely gentle natured and we are hoping she will be doing therapy dog work late fall. Her naturally friendly disposition and STUNNING looks demands attention everywhere she goes. One of her favourite pass times is coming horseback riding with us. Sophie weighs 60lbs and is 24" at the withers.

Cloud 9's Supernova (Nova)


Nova is our other Stunning Old English Sheepdog. She is a litter sister to our beautiful Sophie. Nova lives with her loving guardian family the Anderssons. She is loved by 3 beautiful children and very much enjoys running around in her beautiful, large fenced yard with them all day. She has a very sweet and tolerant disposition and is an amazing family dog. Like Sophie, she loves to entertain and loves to make you laugh. She is a real head turner and gets stopped often on her walks. Nova's favourite pastime is playing in water. She weighs 50lbs and 22" at the withers.

Cloud 9's Brienne of Tarth

Brienne is our beautiful F1 Sheepadoodle out of Nova by Theo. She is a stunning girl who will be a fantasic addition to our breeding program. She is loving life in her guardian home and is enjoying playing with the children and her k9 friend Sam the mini goldendoodle.  This beautiful young lady measures 21" at the withers and weighs 45lbs. Look for her first litter in 2019! Our plans with Brienne are to breed her to Picasso and produce red and white or brown and white (as well as black and white) Miniature/ small Moyens Sheepadoodles. Thank you to the Little's for taking such great care of our sweet  Brienne!

Cloud 9's Can't Touch This (Envy)

Envy is our beautiful and spritzy Blue Merle Tri Australian Shepherd. She is an up and coming breeding dog pending her health testing. Envy is an extremely athletic puppy who is super surface confident. She has already started her agility training and is learning very quickly. Envy is a very active little girl and enjoys spending her days playing with Sophie and Pico. She is very happy go lucky and social. She gets attention everywhere she goes. Her favourite thing is a belly rub. Envy is 18" at the withers and weighs around 40lbs. Her puppies with Picasso will be moyens at about 45 lbs.

Cloud 9's Silver Lining (Maisy)

Maisy is a very sweet and docile Silver tri F1 Bernedoodle with beautiful doodle coat. Maisy lives with her amazing guardian family the Lauingers. Maisy gets to spend her days surrounded by horses and people as her mom owns a riding stable! Maisy is a quiet and docile girl who has been a best friend to her two little boys. Her mom tells us that she always wants to be where the kids are. She enjoys running around the farm and every day is a new adventure. Maisy is expected to mature at 60lbs, and measure 24" at the withers. Maisy's favourite things are doing agility and going on horseback riding and Skidoo adventures.

Rosie and Winnie

Rosie and Winnie are Cloud 9's two latest additions to our Cloud 9 Breeding program. Rosie and Winnie are owned and loved by Brittany Lauinger of Affinity Stables and will be tested, raised and bred as per Cloud 9 Doodles Standards. These beautiful girls will have their own profiles a little later, once personality of each is a bit better developed. These beauties are expected to mature around 70-80lbs and currently have calm, yet outgoing personalities. We look forward to following all their fun adventures in the near future!

The Boys

Cloud 9's Painted Poodle(Picasso)

Picasso is our beautiful AKC, Chocolate and White Parti, Moyens Poodle Male. He has an amazing disposition and is extremely intelligent. This Handsome lad absolutely loves everyone, and is very eager to please. Pico is a very trainable boy and is showing excellent predisposition towards being a bird dog (which is what poodles were originally bred for). Picasso loves going on new adventures and exploring the world around him. His favourite thing to do outdoors is a good game of fetch. Indoors, he is happiest snuggling up on the couch. He is a very curious and confident boy with a true "joie de vivre".

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